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Leaders in Engineering Consulting
in Peru.

About Us

GMI, a leading Engineering Consultancy company in Peru, it has over 28 years of experience developing work style based on the same values that define the Graña y Montero Group, which are Quality, Compliance, Reliability and Efficiency.

Since its start-up in 1984, GMI has maintained steady growth by participating in development projects both in Peru and other countries in the region such as the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.

GMI has a skilled, multidisciplinary team of professionals and consultants specialized in Research, Engineering, Supervision, Geomatics, Materials Management, Project Management, EPCM Services, Environmental Services and Environmental Consulting. This allows GMI to respond most effectively to the requirements of its customers and successfully execute projects of different complexity in sectors like Mining, Industrial Processes, Hydrocarbon, Transportation, Construction, Energy, Water Supply, among others, providing intelligent, profitable and innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology.

GMI has developed a strategy based on Knowledge Management by which leverages internal and external knowledge to be more efficient, expand the capacities and build competitive advantages. In addition, through its strategy seeks the accelerated development of its employees. Its award-winning Knowledge Management System and a working model based on people, allows GMI to record and share the generated knowledge, by transforming such knowledge in a collective experience applicable across the company.

Mission and Vision


GMI's Vision is to be recognized as the most reliable consulting engineering firm of Latin America.


Our Mission is to be a company that carries out Engineering considering technical and economic solutions, always thinking about the customer and protecting the environment.


At GMI we know that our continued growth is the result of the respect of our four core values, which we permanently practice to respond to the demanding engineering consulting business:

  • Quality
  • Compliance
  • Seriousness
  • Efficiency

Para responder al exigente negocio de consultoría en ingeniería, ponemos en práctica cada uno de ellos:


We work with international service quality standards, respect for the environment and risk prevention, acting with social responsibility and creating value in our services in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.


To complete before the deadline or within the term agreed with our clients, our team and third parties is a goal we want to achieve in each of the projects we undertake, thus forming a culture of engagement in each of the activities we carry out.


Our efforts are aimed at improving productivity in all areas of the company through the implementation of our management processes, by innovating, reducing costs and improving our production margins.


We are governed by ethics and professionalism we evidence in every work we carry out, complying will all the agreements, serving our customers beyond the terms and conditions, fostering a collaborative work environment, fellowship and dissemination of our values, and upholding the principle of honesty in our business practices.