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GMI develops the environmental services through its subsidiary ECOTEC, environmental consultancy company which provides a wide range of services aimed at environmental protection in various sectors such as mining, oil, energy, agriculture, industry, tourism and transport.

ECOTEC operates through four lines of business: Environmental Assessment, Environmental Technology, Environmental Services and Procedures.

Among the Environmental Assessments carried out are included basic studies, environmental characterization, modeling, management plans, adjustment plans, closing plans and abandonment plans. Likewise, as part of the Environmental Technology services, GMI develops hydraulic engineering projects, sanitary engineering, environmental remediation engineering, and clean technologies.

In relation to the Environmental Services line of business, GMI performs solid waste management as EPS-RS authorized by DIGESA, industrial cleaning, environmental monitoring, environmental supervision, security monitoring and occupational health. It also provides support in the Procedures area by preparing technical files with authorizations and managing environmental authorizations before the relevant authorities.

Thus, ECOTEC contributes decisively to the consolidation of a culture of sustainable environmental development in the Peruvian business sector, allowing the access to more efficient technologies and procedures, profitable and with less environmental impact.

We seek partnerships with the industry, the government and the communities to provide sustainable solutions to all stakeholders of a project through management processes that will ensure an efficient and cost-effective implementation.

Representative Projects:

Environmental Studies and Permitting

Environmental Supervision

Solid Waste Management

Industrial Maintenance and Cleaning