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Industry and Buildings

GMI provides comprehensive engineering services, materials management, construction supervision, project management and EPCM Services for the Industry and Construction sectors, accompanying our clients from the very early stages of the projects until its start-up.

In the industry sector we have the capacity to meet the requirements of all kind of customers in the light industry (consumables, food processing, electronics, textile, etc.) as well as customers of the secondary processing industry (steel, cement, glass, industrial gases, fishing, etc.). As a result, GMI has successfully developed several projects in base facilities, expansion, modernization and plants redesigning, as well as projects aimed at improving public services, production optimization, plant re-equipment and improvements on energetic efficiency.

In the construction field we have the capacity to face large projects for hospitals, hotels, camps, retail, resettlements, storage and materials management systems, among others. In addition, GMI has considerable experience providing consulting services for the execution of big hotel projects in Peru and the Caribbean, camps in several parts of the country and relocation of entire cities.

Furthermore, our experience allows us to handle port projects, containers management, grain, minerals and other studies as well as electrification and power generation.

Currently, GMI has supervised more than 11,000 hotel rooms.

Representative Projects:

Industrial Projects

Buildings - Urban Resettlements

Buildings - Camps

Buildings - Health Centers

Buildings - Hotels

Buildings - Offices

Buildings - Culture